Quality Control

Quality Control

Deye’s Test Procedure to control valve quality??

-Casting checking. The QC team would check casting item by item from appearance, wall thickness, quantity, size and original material report from foundry according to international standards to avoid the unqualified ones.

-Machining checking. During this period, QC team will check machining accuracy, face to face dimension, flange drilling to find potential problems as early as possible.

-Assembly checking. After assembly, QC will do an overall test to the valve. Visual checking includes cleanness of inner chamber, bright and clean appearance, and clear marking on the body. Dimension checking contains face to face dimension, the critical dimension of connection end. Pressure testing includes hydrostatic testing of sealing and body and air test to the sealing.

--Dimension Checking: QC will test the flange drilling strictly as per ANSI B 16.5 Or other standard requirement. Face to face dimension is strictly as per ANSI B 16.10 or other standard required.
Height of the valves and hand wheel dimensions as per technical drawings agreed on the contract.


-Hydraulic Test and air Test. QC will test the seal leakage, back seat and Shell strictly as as per API598 or EN1226 or other standard agreed on the contract. Procedure is standard and rest result is reported.

-Painting & Packing. The painting color and spraying effect will be checked. QC will make sure packing is per contract Request. The clean valve is placed orderly in strong wooden box with clear shipping mark by filling enough soft material to avoid collision.

-Reports. After Testing, you will get a detailed report from the casting pieces checking to the finished products before shipments. Hydraulic Test and air test details with photos and video will show to customers for confirmation before shipment.

Years of valve exporting experiences and continuous improvements, DEYE Quality Control System will continue to work hard and become perfect.